Heta Belarus, Dzietka!

postcard_ChernovaM“Heta Belarus, Dzietka” started out as an internet comic strip about Belarus (that’s my native country) back in 2014.  The goal was to celebrate the many peculiar aspects of life in Belarus. As the chapters added up, it turned into a published book and quickly became a bestseller in Belarus (over 25000 copies sold to date!).

“Brave Girl” picture book 

LH2_This children’s book is a brainchild of the “Heta Belarus Dzietka” project. It was made possible thanks to the efforts of our crowdfunding campaign, i.e. all of our supporters! It tells a story of a little girl who goes on a big adventure to prove her bravery. Click and see more.

“Mikalai and the bird poop” picture book

coverThis is yet another part of the “Heta Belarus Dzietka” project. This story is about a little boy called Mikalai, who learns from his grandfather that if a bird poops on you – you will become wealthy! Mikalai instantly decides to chase his wealth using newfound knowledge, but in the process he finds something much more valuable…