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Heta Belarus Dzietka the book came out in October 2015 and has sold over 25000 copies to date. It is sold at all major (and many small) bookstores in Belarus. The book was fully designed and illustrated by myself (texts in collaboration with Masha Cheriakova). PDF version is also available.

Publisher: HARVEST, Minsk
ISBN: 978-985-18-3797-3
Pages: 94
Weight: 205 g
Dimensions: 21.8 cm x 19.3 cm
Format: paperback
Languages: Belarusian and English, side-by-side

The book includes humorous comics as illustrations to the daily life of Belarusians. Click on the images below for a sample of the 20 chapter book.


Everyone loves Bulba (potatoes) in Belarus. We are sometimes referred to as the Potato Nation. Idaho ain’t got nothing on us.


In Belarus, women are expected to marry early. And if they don’t – they can undergo severe scrutiny from family, friends, and society.

postcard_ChernovaM-strokeThe image above explains why the streets of Belarus are so clean!



Above is an illustration of the famous Belarusian “acceptance”. We are super chill.


Inflation is a huge problem in Belarus. Once word gets out about a new wave of currency depreciation – Belarusians rush to invest in electronics and other “concrete” goods. Oh yes, we also store our cash in US dollars… often times under mattresses.


Belarusians tend to be a superstitious people. We actually wrote a whole children’s book around the famous superstition that if you step into doo-doo – you shall become wealthy!


Wheelchair accessible? What’s that? Stairs, stairs everywhere. Grandmas are so used to them – they can give you a head start and still beat you up a flight.


Young Belarusians are known to be great IT specialists. So much so – it has become a bit of a brain drain problem for the country.


The book also included little vignettes at the end of each chapter, as well as “avatars” for the comment section of the book (comments were taken directly from our blog and published in the book)



P.S. Here is the WIP of the comics

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