Marta and Masha from Heta Belarus, Dzietka!

Marta and Masha are characters created for the Heta Belarus, Dzietka project. The are based on two real people: myself and the project’s co-author, Masha. Masha and Marta are the vehicles for communicating the key idea of each chapter of the project, they are the main characters of the comics series.

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Stash.Cash is a real-life city quest game (app), where players receive photo clues to help them find hidden capsules all around the city. Capsules contain hard cash for the first person who finds it.  The game often time takes you to the most unexpected places.

Marylia from Brave Girl picture book

Marylia is a small girl. So small, that everyone in her village makes fun of her. However, that does not stop her from being brave and adventurous, helping those in need, and eventually saving her village from some mean robbers!

Marylia and her Horsey are inseparable, partners in crime and best friends for life.