About me


I am an illustratordesigner and book author. Together with Masha Cheriakova, we published three books: Heta Belarus Dzietka! (a bestseller in Belarus in 2016), the “Brave Girl” picture book, and a picture book called “Mikalai and the Bird Poop.”  All three books are sold in online and traditional bookstores all over Russia and Belarus.

My skills include traditional pencil drawing, proficient use of Photoshop, Illustrator, Wacom tablet. Strong foundation in 2D art: I speak composition, value, line, light and color theory.  Ten+ years working as a freelance artist (as well as working with freelancers) made me efficient figuring out and fulfilling the client’s needs. It also trained my eye to quickly analyze incoming artwork and, if necessary, know exactly how to alter it in order to fit perfectly. I also have a background in web/computer graphics design, as well as basic knowledge of 3D design programs (Maya, Z-Brush).

I am a strong believer in storytelling and teamwork.  I’d like to spend every minute given to me helping submerge other people in compelling stories using expressive visuals. And the more skilled and creative people are working on a story – the better and faster they can make it happen. I’d love to be a part of that.

If you feel your team could use someone like me – feel free to email me at marta.chernova@gmail.com

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